Below you can find the shows and other media that make up Travis’ Pickled Brothers Circus Resume! You can click on some of the logos to see the video, when available.

As seen on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. We’ll probably just put an NBC logo here, because no one liked Jay Leno. (He was nice to me, though – Travis)

NBC Universal Logos

As seen on Jerry Springer: Too Hot For TV. But none of you will admit that you saw it. (I know you did. – Travis)


As seen on Animal Planet. But he’s not an animal. Except in bed. (No, he’s not. – Susan)


As seen on MTV. Because it’s not like they show music videos now, so why not?


As seen on CBS Sports. But don’t ask Travis to play a sport. He couldn’t even if his life depended on it.


As seen on Discovery Health. But please, don’t try this stuff, it’s not good for your health.


As seen on CMT’s Country Fried Home Videos. Bill Engvall made fun of Travis. He didn’t get a sign.


As seen on the BBC. The BBC declared Travis the “World’s Biggest Idiot”. (Then they sent me a check, so it was ok. – Travis)


As seen on Breakfast Television in Canada. It’s like Good Morning America, but they don’t call it that, because it’s Canada.


As seen in Ripley’s Believe it or Not books. (I’m still not sure if I do or not. – Travis)


Soon to be seen in “Lost Creek”. A film by Devin Hylton where Travis plays the improbable role of a fire eater!


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